Vanilla Tank Wash

Vanilla Tank Wash (VTW™) Services is a Nigerian registered company that has been in operation since 2013. VTW™ pioneer non-human entry Water Storage Tank (WST) wash by employing safe and scientific technique to wash and disinfect WST.

VTW™ adopts W.H.O and NAFDAC recommended standard to ensure effective water tank cleaning even for the most neglected tanks.

VTW™ also offer other cleaning services.

With VTW™ methodology, cleaning and washing of WST is detailed and effective which effectively keeps the WST clean for the next 90 -120 days. VTW™ Services is a member of World Health Organization (W.H.O)/Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) global Network. VTW™ services also offers water and sanitation consulting services. VTW™ campaign passionately for Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) in the area they operate. Our personnel are well trained and fully equipped with modern hygienic and safety equipment for tank cleaning. Importantly, our field personnel are medically certified. VTW™ has a robust client follow-up mechanism to ensure continued hygiene and safety of our customers’ WST by monitoring their WST after the initial wash and disinfection service. VTW™ systematic follow up ensures complete peace of mind for our consumers at all time of the year. We campaign for improve quality of water in the society and offer free tips on sanitation and healthy water consumption.

Vanilla Tank Wash Vanilla Tank Wash Vanilla Tank Wash
Vanilla Tank Wash
Our Vision

"To remain the best brand in cleaning and disinfection of Water Storage Facilities and other related services throughout West African by 2030"

Our Mission

"To continuously challenge ourselves in finding better ways to serve our clients better."


"To ensure that people that use Household Water Storage Tanks in sub-Sahara Africa have access to clean water from their storage facilities, and to enhance awareness about Water Sanitation and Hygiene in Nigeria."

What Inspired VTW™

The idea sparked in 2005 when the founder witnessed the death of an asthmatic plumber who suffocated inside a water storage tank in a bid to clean it. Hence, the pursuit to develop a device that will be used to clean WST using non-human entry method began.
Apart from the unpleasant incident, the founder figured out almost all every drop of water used in cities in Nigeria are dispensed from WSTs, unfortunately, 90 percent of these WSTs are not washed primarily because tank owners do not know how to effectively wash their WST and partly because they are unaware of an effective way of washing and disinfecting their WST which should be monitored and implemented periodically to ensure safe water dispensing in home and business places. In fact, the founders observed that water consumers in Nigeria are more interested about the supply and quantity of water while the source and quality of water is less important. On the same note, for offices and factories that use water, the founders noted that more than 80 percent of WST in business-use are not washed. These negligence to WST continues to put increased pressure on family budget and hospitals due to persistent water-borne diseases especially typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, skin irritation, etc. Thus, the need to campaign for Water Sanitation and Hygiene became imperative.

In addition, considering Nigeria the hot climate `in Nigeria and the position of WSTs which is often elevated at a height (about 10-100ft) off ground level, cleaners finds it difficult to clean water tanks effectively and efficiently. Hence, a non-human entry machine is needed.
Situations as highlighted above motivated the founders to invest time and resources to devise means to effectively wash and disinfect WST without hassle and by adopting W.H.O standards. These inputs and efforts are aim to ensure that WST are properly taken care of for improved healthy life in our society. Today Vanilla Tank Wash (VTW™), has set a standard for Cleaning any kind of WST in Nigeria, whatever its capacity and wherever its location. The WST procedure has been tailor to a simple certification model to ensure 24/7, 3-6-5 safe water storage for our customers.