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  • Vanilla Tank Wash
  • Vanilla Tank Wash
The quality of water you use is important. How clean is your Water Storage Tank? Water hygiene and sanitation is everyone's responsibility!
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    Everyone deserves clean water.

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    We employ non-human entry tank wash technique.

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    Home, Commercial, Industrial Water Hygiene and Sanitation.

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Vanilla Tank Wash (VTW™) Services is a Nigerian registered company that has been in operation since 2013.

VTW™ pioneers non-human entry Water Storage Tank (WST) wash by employing safe and scientific technique to wash and disinfect WST. VTW™ adopts W.H.O and NAFDAC recommended standard to ensure effective and efficient water tank cleaning even for the most neglected tanks. With VTW™ methodology,our client's WST is safe for the next 90 -120 days. VTW™ Services is a member of World Health Organization (W.H.O)/Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS) global Network.

VTW™ has also made profound mark in other cleaning services which include: home, office and industrial cleaning. The company is driven by passionate staff who are passionate to serve clients, clean and create awareness about Water Sanitation and Hygiene, and general cleaning services.

Vanilla Tank Wash

What Our Clients are Saying...

  • "A friend referred me to VTW, I called them to figure out when my water taks would be cleaned, within 30minutes they were already in my premises for assessment. It took them less than an hour to clean the waters even the one located on the roof, they were able to clean it well. I appreciate their swiftness to service.
    It is important to add tat they helped me sort our other plumbling problems in my house. The called it "add-on". And that their add-on was FREE!- Madam Rose (Abuja)

  • "My entire household complained of itchy skin immediately after bath. I called VTW and the rest was history. During the clean-up session of my water tank, the type of dirt that was evacuated from my water tank is unimaginable. Thank you VTW!" - Mr. Boro (Calabar)

  • "With VTW my home water storage tank is clean 2-4-7. Thank you too for the brilliant home cleaning service." - Manya (Abuja)

  • "We share 3 water tanks in my compound, at some point there was odour from water dispensed from the tanks. We all thought it would go off. After a week my neigbors was diagonised with high dose of typhoid infection. I called VTW to check the water tank. Behold, a decaying lizard was found in inside the water tank. After VTW serviced the tank, it was safe." - Tony (Abuja)

  • "With VTW, I have no worries again about my home water tank. Keep the good work going!- Madam Ekerebong(Calabar)

  • "I like VTW because their service is fast and effective. I am assured my water tanks is clean. VTW team taught me water dispensers should be cleaned and they cleaned mine free of charge. Good work VTW!- Mr. Atiku (Abuja)

  • "At first I thought never to use my water tank again when I saw what VTW team evacuted from my tank. However, I was reassured that my water tank would be clean after their work. And indeed it was cleaner than before. Fantastic team, good work.- Mrs. Aisha(Calabar)

  • "Good customer relation, nice response mechanism, appropriate service delivery. I will refer you to another friend of mine. Good work!." - Engr Obi(Abuja)

  • "I appreciate good work, I appreciate VTW and their work. Water related diseases reduced to the bearest minimum in my home. Thanks to entire team of VTW!- Emelogu (Abuja)

  • "This is an innovative and safe way to ensure my water tanks is always clean. I truly appreciate the effort of VTW. I pray you continue to grow. - Madam Ladi (Abuja)

  • "I won a free water tank clean up on a radio Water Sanitation Hygiene campaign by VTW on radio. Eventually, my water dispenser was cleaned by VTW team. I thank you VTW! - Mrs. Adeniyi (Abuja)

  • "I met two VTW team member at the mechanic workshop. After a chat about WaSH, I contracted them to clean my home and hotel water storage tanks. The service was great! I appreciate VTW. - Arc. Bassey (Uyo)

  • "I thank this company for your initiative. Their services on water tank wash is coming at the right time. After donkey years, my water tanks was neatly cleaned, and continuously cleaned." - Mr. Adamu (Abuja)

  • "I never knew such a company existed. This is good! Nice service, nice work. - Mrs Salome (Abuja)

  • "Considering the type of dirts that was removed from my water storage tank, there is no doubt that my household health will improve. Thank you VTW. Weldone!" - Manya (Abuja)

  • "I first met VTW workers at an orphanage where they did a free cleaning work. I contracted them to be cleaning my water tank in my sachet water cleaning company. I must say that there is a difference in the quality of water produced." - Mr. Edem (Rocky Water-Calabar)

  • Why you need to clean your Water Storage Tank.

    Virtually every drop of water used in Nigerian cities is dispensed from a storage facility. The question is, how clean is your water storage facility? Many water tanks are neglected for years which breed harmful germs. Contaminated water is a source of various diseases which causes sickness to us and our children. For this reason, your water storage tank need to be cleaned regularly. Also if your business uses contaminated water to process or produce products and services, it is unsafe and unethical which could cause embarrassment and strained relationship with your clients, and regulatory agencies like NAFDAC. Moreover, the use of unclean water in businesses could negatively affect customer’s base. Therefore, there are many reasons to clean your water storage tank.


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